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We are All India Online Dealers for Amrut "Wheatgrass Powder" and are based in Pune.

http://www.wheatgrasspowderindia.com is our online shopping website to sell various "Amrut Wheatgrass" products as retail seller in Indian market.

About Amrut Wheatgrass

Amrut Wheatgrass is a family owned agro based enterprise 'Organic Bharat Farm' from Nandura District in Buldhana, Maharashtra. They grow the Wheatgrass at tropical conditions of their farm on the ground using organic soil & below special methods for 7 days i.e. up to jointing period of wheatgrass.

On 8th day they carefully harvest the green blades of Wheat Grass by chopping it once inch above the soil. The Wheat Grass is then washed, dehydrate under shed & ground into fine Wheatgrass Powder using low intensity pulverizer machines to preserve maximum nutritional values.

They also practice various methods like:

  • Kamdhenu farming,
  • Agnihotra farming,
  • Meditation farming (Yogik kheti),
  • Music and mantra therapy